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Originally Posted by iamflagman View Post
Some more tips;

In that picture on the left of the Cat 3208 square 'Fuel water separator' did you know they are prone to suction side air leaks from the seals. The original design was from Stanadyne. Engines that used that filter had issues with air in the injection system, especially after changing. The fuel water separator was originally a cloth sock! There are a lot of excellent choices for a fuel water separators but this ain't one of them, never was.

Lesser expensive and still very capable are aftermarket replacements available from Fleetguard and Baldwin for Racor filters. Both brands are widely available form heavy truck dealers. Avoid Cummins as their prices for Fleetguard are fantasy island redux. West Marine is no bargain either. For those who do not know, the Racor elements have color codes to denote the micron rating of the media. At the moment, I do not have that info available. Avoid use of the 2 micron on the suction side filtration as it is unnecessary and very short service life.
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