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Default M 450 Ramblings

I would like to share with everyone some of my experience owning a M-450 for 8 years now.

The most annoying issue I had in the first couple of years was the slide locks not working as designed. The bedroom slide gave me the most problems because the actuator for the rear lock is near the exhaust pipe and was not designed to withstand a lot of heat. It is impossible to remove the actuator at the rear bedroom slide. I know this from experience working with the designer of the actuators, Fabco-Air Inc. in Gainesville Florida. I had removed everything to access the actuator and lock before my arrival and we worked the entire day trying to remove the actuator for repair. You can’t remove it because of a bracket BB welded in place. We were able to take it apart and service it with heat resident seals and it works fine now. The president of Fabco- Air said they would be glad to repair any actuators if you remove them first and bring them to their factory. They will not do any more work on a customer’s coach, as they are not equipped to do so. After doing this I still disabled my locks and have driven it for 25,000 or more miles with no problems.

I know owners that would stop the slide short from going out all the way by an inch so that the lock would not engage and lock. By doing they didn’t have to worry about the slide not coming in the morning they were leaving the campsite.

There is an water and oil separator in the front bay under the driver that needs to be drained on a weekly basis to prevent water getting into the slide lock air lines.

I have upgraded my inverters to Magnum pure sine wave with a modern transfer switch and auto start.

I would recommend having a spare voltage regulator on board. The regulator is in the back bedroom closet and is an easy replace. I replaced mine last spring on the side of the road in Texas.

M&M RV electronics have done the electrical upgrades to a lot of 450 owners. M&M has all programing for the M-450 software and also all the software and hardware for the slide controls. They really have been our go to place for anything electrical. In the winter they have a shop on the property of Intellitec in Deland Florida. Intellitec built the switches and modules for the M-450.

I love the 450 and for the most part the repairs have been just your normal stuff. The drive and ride is great and there are some bargains out there.

Sorry for the long post.
Garland Kirby
Lake City, FL
2006 LXI 450
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