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Prices and web site valid as of Jan, 2007.
I ordered 4 new Bilstein shocks, best price was, $325 delivered for all 4. Fronts are B46-1593, rears are B46-1594, for Spartan Mountain Master, K2, K3, and MC 2000 chassis.

I did the job myself. I did not remove the wheels. it takes two people this way - and a electric impact wrench minimum with extensions etc. I would hire someone if I did it again.

Dan 94 BB BMC 37'

Originally Posted by Lee Davis View Post
I am thinking about replacing my shock absorbers and wondered if anyone has experience in that area. Looks like prices run from about $400 for Bilsteins to over $800 for Konis. Maybe there are other good brands someone likes. My BMC shocks are relatively small diameter compared to some I've seen. A friend with a BMC replaced his with Koni shocks that look much larger diameter but I was wondering if that is overkill for that price.

How about some suggestions for some good, heavy duty shocks for 35,000 lbs total that some of you folks have had some experience with. Remember the BMC's are built on Spartan Mountain Master Chassis although I'm not sure that makes any difference. It's probably the weight that matters.

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