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Default Kohler-Perkins 12.5kw generator radiator source ?

RE: 84FC35

I pulled the radiator out while dealing with a starter problem (another story) and figured "what the heck" have it boiled out and pressure tested.

I just got a call from the highly recommended radiator shop and they tell me it's about half plugged and has "salt rot". They recommended I try to find a used better used radiator.

They are telling me they can re-core it but it will run almost $400.
I know the price of copper is though the roof but ....

Any one have any ideas?
Best prospects for finding a good junker?
Can I get a core or full radiator from K-P, BB or Yanmar?
I'm in N. Cal between the Bay Area and Sacramento

I'm aware of the option to find something close in size and Goldberg it in. If someone has done that, what did you get?

Anyone that has had a complete generator rebuild, comment on total cost and whether the radiator needed major work.


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