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Originally Posted by McMuck View Post
So.... in my FC I had to remove the filler cabinet between the couch and bathroom wall to get access to the duct booster. The vent in the washroom is a nice place to look in but useless for access.
I learned: removing the furnace makes the job easier, removing the cabinet make the job possible, the cabinet is screwed down at the front edge, you have to dig in the carpet to find the retaining screws and there is one inside at the rear, requires good aim and a long screwdriver. you do not have to remove the slide screws for the couch rail.
My bushings were dry from lack of use the rear one is easy, the one behind the fan I drilled a hole in the case to allow a straw from a spray can to reach in. during testing after I noticed there is a substantial increase in noise from the hole I drilled so I taped it over with tin tape as I was reinstalling.
I think a better way to get heat to the washroom would have been a zone damper fired from the bathroom thermostat that closed to block 75% of the living room outlet there is at least in mine a 3 or so inch joiner duct that would do nicely to house the damper. it would be much easier to service. but then I wouldn't have found the Pristine SP brochure that was in with the junk that had fallen between the cabinet and wall!
Hope this helps someone in the future.
A hinge at the base in the front of that cabinet will enable you to just "swing" it out of position when you need to lube that squeally fan again.

A good electric heater in the bath does the job also without making the salon unbearably hot. The original one in my bath was a scary glowing thing. It was replaced with something like these in the 1000 watt version, and was a direct replacement.

Turned up on high this heater will keep most of the coach warm, but it requires 120Volts which isn't always available, but usually is.
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