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Dave: You have to trust do have a swing radiator.

1. Remove grill by removing 4 vertical columns of hex head screws (I use my cordless drill for this task); leave the center column of hex head screws in place. Put the grill away in a safe place to avoid damage and besides you want to get it out of the way.

2. Remove the 4 face bolts in the chrome want a helper since the bumper is somewhat heavy don't get hurt; swing the bumper downward.

3. I prefer to remove the upper right DS) radiator hose using a gear wrench.

4. Unbolt that steel plate covering the After Cooler.

5. Remove four 4" constant pressure hose clamps on the after cooler using a 7/16" gear wrench or 1/4" drive ratchet & socket. I normally do not remove the after cooler tubes...just use care when removing & reinstalling the 4" silicone hoses...your choice.

6. Remove the four cap screws holding the fan shroud.

7. Remove turn signals & brackets.

8. Remove the wire from the low-water sensor on back side of radiator top tank (reach from inside dog house).

9. Shut off the the 2 globe valves or gate valves on drivers side of coach and then drain 10-12 gallons of coolant. No point in draining the chassis heater loop.

10. Radiator & A-cooler can be swung as an assembly or remove A cooler and swing radiator only. Watch that botton radiator hose for binding and watch the radiator drain which can be damaged when swinging.

11. If radiator has not been cleaned recently, now may be a good time to send radiator to a shop for inspection & cleaning...just a thought and you will have much more room to work on the Horton.

Please call me if you need clarification or have questions. 573.465.0527 cell or 573.341.2197 home.
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