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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
Welcome to the forum. Lots of help here if you will lets us. Just ask and someone will have the answer or a source.

The 450 is a fantastic coach for sure. Lots of room with top of the line components. I don't know if I would spend the $ required for a 450 and then tear it apart to build again. You will be hard pressed to obtain the fit and finish Wanderlodge achieved. What ever you decide, best of luck and keep the thread going with pictures and updates on you search. Contact Randy at BBBB, he may be able to help.
It wouldn't be a complete tear out, just some modifications we always do anyway. New residential furniture, upgrade the TV's etc. I am not retired and never plan to be until they stick me in the ground, so I always need a place to work. I own a company I don't have to babysit so I can travel and do business via my laptop and cell phone. We love the "bus" conversions, just can't justify a Prevost cost and really love everything about the 450.
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