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Hi yes this is how we got it working and it dose work.

That is not the problem we can get it running. its just the AC will start running out of the blue turn on and off every few minutes.

It will start getting warm and then the AC turns on no matter what setting I have it set to. Then it turns off by itself and then turns back on randomly.

We used the heater for most of our trip on cold nights and it worked great.
This just started doing this on-off thing in the last month or so,.

Originally Posted by isp2952 View Post
Ed, there is a screwy sequence of steps needed to get that heater to work. You have to turn the A/C thermostat from Power to Lo The small switch in the middle at the bottom. Then go to the thermostat that controls your Cool-O-Matic fan in the kitchen. Turn that thermostat to Heat and set the temp to where you want it. Then turn on your Front A/C switch on the dash. That should get it going if there are no problems with the neater.
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