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Our original plan was to stay out for two years but we spent way to much. I had planned to work as we traveled I make websites and do photography but we ended up not even trying much as we ended up just doing things in each area. Some places we only stayed a few days at a time.

We joined Thousand Trails so we stayed at a lot of TT parks some of them are nice others just so so but you cant bet the price.

We are going back into business in Gulf Shores AL shooting family beach portraits we did this for around 15 years in the past this is our new website I made for this. We sold the business and signed a 5 year non-compete and that time is up now so we can move back and go back into it.

The Primus did not work when we got the coach and we did nothing to it the kick heaters or one kick and a small plugin has worked very well to keep us warm on cold nights. This next few nights will be the coldest we have been in it. I was told the Primus can be fixed no problem but we just never planned to be in up north winter so never bothered with it.

We have had a great time and some bad. I had neck and back problems, me and my wife both got a bad cold that lasted a few weeks at one point in WA down by the beach. Then my wife fell out of the coach her foot twisted on the step and she had to have a temp cast on her leg for around two months.

We drove 101 from CA down the Oreagam coast that was great a lot of small roads.

We went to WA state as we have grandkids their and that was a lot of fun we got to park and stay on a working farm and step out of the bus and pick fresh fruit and playing with and getting to know the kids was a high light of the trip. We went back two times seeing them.

Stayed in Palm Springs CA for 3 weeks that was fun too and went to a street party they have every week. Then on to Quartside AZ for a few nights. We found a guy that fixes blinds and we had a lot of the blinds re-stringed.

We would love to do this again sometime if we can I would go for another WL for sure. After seeing the problems people have all the time with the cheap build RVs the WL is a solidly built coach.
We get good comments from other people all the time. Have even had a few people ask if it was a new rv that just come out do to the great paint job and look.

We have got very used to living in it and with the two recliners we each have a nice char and space.

I took Randy's advice and unhooked the elc table so it can pull out more and push in more but it can be hooked back up and does still work just fine.

Things we would do differently is on the way out west we only stayed 1 to 2 nights at places I would stay longer to have more time to see the area.

I would stay longer in Las Vegas we liked it there and had a good time but only stayed 4 nights. Then we went to Reno that was not as nice as we expected the downtown casino area was kind of run down.

Flagstaff was fun but it takes some time to get used to that high of an elevation. Then we went over by Sedona and meet up with another WL owner and went over to their house for dinner that is such an amazing area with all the red rocks,

We liked the WA are a lot as in summer on the beach it is not very hot at all vs the FL and AL coast.

Hope this helps.

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Ed ,

Congratulations on your full timing adventures for the past year. Was that the original plan, a year only? My wife and I are beginning the process of liquidating belongings, real estate , animals and we too intend on going full time indefinitely until someplace moves us to settle back down. I'm interested in seeing those pics and descriptions of your coach. What worked well what didn't , what you would change. We have not yet purchased a coach , but I have been considering the same model you have. Perhaps yours could be a good coach for us... I read where you were having some troubles with the Primus system and were looking to simplify the system. What did you wind up doing.

Happy New Year , Craig
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