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Originally Posted by DonB View Post
Last time I said I was coming to WOG we spent 2 weeks at Cummins in Atlanta instead, so I'm reluctant to jinx it. Just note that my site is paid for!

I don't know about a presentation, but I'm always happy to do one-on-one instruction. The difficulty most people have is in figuring out where they are, in terms of lat/long. For permanent long-term listings that's a one-time deal.
OK, How about this! IF .... you come to WOG, come see me (#138 and I'll be there Sun to Sun) Show me how to do it and use the app and then I will show others how to create their listings. I am most interested in the one time home listings, but if I can figure it out, I'll be happy to share it with maybe a little backup in case someone asks a question I can't answer. Maybe we can get more people to use it this way.
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