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Originally Posted by Shawnthegrasshopper View Post
The Belt and Alternator could be changed without removing the unit.
Find a way to raise the front of Coach, Ramp, Lift, Slope Etc.
Extend generator out.
Using a power Right Angle Ratchet Cordless, and a Smaller Long Armed Mechanic.
Remove Cover Panels.
To replace Belt, Loosen the fan shroud, Cut off Old Belt.
Repair or Replace Alternator, if not available, Remove Guts and use as a Idler.
Fish New Belt around pulleys, it will take 2 sets of hands to feed Belt and hold shroud away to gain clearance ...IT’S A TIGHT FIT.
I believe DB Electric has Alternator at a Fair price.
Napa Belt #7380

How do I know?
I just did this Procedure June of this year in Florida Heat/Humidity!
No A/C NOT Good!

Good luck

Great first post!
Good info,we all need a skinny mechanic at times!
email me at only.

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