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Westport weather is rainy and cool with winds during the winter. No snow. Summer is cool as well, nice place for cooling down in summer. We hadn't planned on spending winter in Westport, but it works for us this year. We are the first hired, and they will need up to 5 more couples, so great chance of getting hired if you can deal with the weather. You will need rain boots and outer cover, they provide rain gear on work days - but you'd need it for days off as well. Wonderfull seafood for free/inexpensive in the area. esp clams, crabs, oysters. Very nice people that run the place with a great rep. Yep, right on the coast (maybe 1 mile).

Sequim WA (pronounced Skwim) is also looking for workcamper couples. Only 28 spaces, and better weather, right in town. Winds moderated by the time they reach there, and there is a rain shadow from mountain that reduces rain fall. We highly considered seeking work there, and they are hiring for winter now - so if interested you will want to send them a email asap.

They do a rotatation, 2 days 1st week, 3 days 2nd week, then 10 days off. They are slow in winter, so once the work is done you can take phone to your rig and be on call, and watch for rigs pulling in. They are within a mile or two of Puget Sound.


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We are trying workkamping for the first time this summer. We will be at an Iowa State Park in Bellvue IA on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi. Our daughter lives in Mt Vernon, IA, about 1-1.5 hours away, and we always go see her in the summer (definitely not in the winter) anyway, so thought we'd spend a little longer time there than we normally do. We are scheduled to be there from late June through September. It's about the same kind of deal for about 20 hrs per week but no wifi. I hope our air card works there!

How is the winter weather up there in Washington State. Is that near the coast? Seems like it would be a little colder than we like but I don't really know.

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