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Originally Posted by Donn B View Post
My last bill was $460 with two meters. The house was $380 and the shop where I keep the Bird plugged in was $80. Since I've been working on the bus almost daily I've kept her AC's fired up so I'm probably using just about maximum juice.

The solution seemed obvious. The house AC is now set at 90 and I've moved into the bus for all but cooking and bathroom. It will be interesting to see if this saves much on this month's bill.

Its cloudy and cooler this morning, and we even had a smattering of rain. Maybe this stuff is about to break.

A fella can hope.
I have been Live Aboard for 7 months now and found that one AC in the front with a divider at the bathroom keeps me cozy. The rest of the Coach is too hot but I don't move around to much anyway with the back problems... It saves on energy with only a slight sacrifice. I use the reflective insulation in the exposed windows and it keeps things cool...
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