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Default Thank You For The Welcome

I'm looking forward to the discussions on various aspects of buying, updating, operating, repairing and enjoying a BB. This morning as I was reading the replies I remembered my father drove a BB school bus back in the 40's. He had several stories of his adventures driving a bus full of school children through rural Massachusetts in the winter. He was an admirer of the BB and remarked it was built to last and those were the days before automatic transmissions. So, have we come full circle? Will I drive a BB like he did and admire its strengths? Time will tell the tale

The list of requirements grows. I know that my choice will be determined by cost of the rig, my budget is for a BB less than 20K. The other is condition, pretty is as pretty does, it must be in good operating condition as far as mechanical things go; engine, transmission, brakes, steering , etc. I would prefer no leaks-the steel roof seems to me is an asset. I don't mind dated furniture and appliances my needs are simple; a good place to get a night's rest, serviceable stove, microwave is not necessary, fridge in working condition is necessary, bathing facilities suitable for a 6' tall person bumping my head while taking a shower is not fun nor is having my knees hit the door in the potty room. Length; equals comfort to some degree so around 30' not over 32, but the length requirement is negotiable. Towing capacity of a BB far exceeds the needs of my elderly GEO Tracker.

I will be watching the ads for BBs and we'll see what turns up. Who knows what the future will bring?
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