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Default RV Lots

Of course it depends on one's lifestyle and not everyone is like us, but when I look at places like this I say to myself......If the average RV site in Texas costs $500/mo to rent and I stay for 6 months in the winter it costs me about $3000/yr. Dividing $79,000 by $3000 it would take me 26 years to break even (not including the $800 annual costs for taxes and maintenance). I am 69 now so by then I would be ....95. Of course I wouldn't have any equity in anything (but that wouldn't matter as I am not planning to have anything left over for our kids anyway). And so far we hasven't wanted to be rooted for 6 months in one spot anyway. And, as much as we like the San Antonio area, as full timers we like travelling. That's why we bought our bird and that's why these kind of things don't interest us much. But, as I said, that's just one opinion.. Fortunately all of us are different!
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