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Originally Posted by GregBryantSr View Post
Here is a thread that John Flynn posted that has a lot of info and links about the gen.
What I am going to do is the "relay bypass cure" he mentions in the article.
Thanks Greg. I have gone over that pretty well already. I have been thinking about your situation. You have been messing around the front driver's area a lot lately. That's what I was doing at Shenandoah Park a couple of years ago and my genie quit. When I got home I figured out it was the fuel pressure relay in the control box. Check out this link

Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
Jim,on the drivers side of the engine theres a switch under the starter,its an oil pressure switch that runs the fuel pump.
Jump that switch with a wire and see if you can hear or feel the fuel pump click/run.
I use that switch to fill my filters when i change them by jumping it out.
I had that switch go bad before as well.

Also,there may be a low coolant switch in the curb side of the coolant tank on the front of the engine,i have had them go bad as well,jump it out and see if it will run.
Randy, thanks for the info. I'm not sure I'm up to the task. When you start talking about taking wires and "jumping" I don't really have a clue. This 12 volt **** is more than I can get my mind around. I know it has to sound so stupid to somebody like you and most others that mess with this stuff, but I don't seem to get it. I messed with my old back up monitor switch a couple of years ago and sparks started flying and the next thing I know the generator quit working. I finally figured out I fried the fuel pressure relay in the control box. But the thing is when I mess with 12v stuff sparks always fly. The passenger seat on the coach didn't operate. I found a wire underneath that was loose. The next thing I know sparks were flying all over the place and so I just wrapped electrical tape around it and left it alone. So I'm pretty gun shy, when it comes to that stuff.
I will look at those things tomorrow, because I put the coach up for the night and I can't get to the genie unless I back it out of the garage.

Originally Posted by gcyeaw View Post
I have no real experience with the Kabota, just a basic understanding that all a diesel needs is fuel and air to run. The only electrical need is to hold the fuel solenoid open...

I don't know anything about the ECU (engine/electrical control unit or whatever they call it) so if it turns out the solenoid is not opening I can't help much. Perhaps there is someone who will be at WOG who has more experience? The old Kohler/Perkins was all mechanical using relays so I could dope it out.
Thanks Gardner, Michele got home and the solenoid does go in when I hit the start button. She saw it go in when I hit it and release when I let go. So it must be getting power to work but I don't know if it works internally or not. I have been reading more stuff and of course I have an Automatic Start switch that throws a whole other set of circumstances into the mix. Not sure if there is something with that which is causing this problem. Bottom line it isn't going to keep me from going to Pine Mountain. I will stop at a campground on the way down for the night instead of doing the Wal-Mart thing.

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