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I upgraded my M450 front wheels and tires with 365 75 22.5 Michelin's. I picked them up this afternoon.

After seeing them mounted off the coach being rolled up to mount, I would have bet they would not have fit. They are huge compared to the 315s. However, they mounted fine and I found no rubbing in tight turns because of the extra width.

I only had a short drive back to Pleasanton, CA but I am impressed with the softer ride (110 PSI versus 130 PSI) and tighter straight tracking. I feel a small degree of more firmness in the steering wheel requiring a slight bit more Lance Armstrong (performance enhancing substances) but nothing that I probably will notice in another hour of driving.

All in all, I like what they have done to the drive and look forward to being able to carry a bit more weight in front.

And, I used our Michelin Advantage Program and bought the huge tires that cost $1,100 to $1,200 each for less than $600 each.

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