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Originally Posted by fred0242 View Post
Ed, yes it fully airs up and I do not hear any air leaks , builds up slow does take about 10 minutes to fully build up, everything seems ok , guess i`ll have to dig like you say
Been there - done that. Coach aired up - light stayed on. More than likely the pressure switch. You should have 2 (30 lb.) pressure switches - one in front & one in back. If you have only one light it is triggered from either switch. If you have 2 lights then it should be easy to determine which switch is defective. . I have only a single light. In my case it was the rear switch (located high on frame - above tag axle). I did have a new switch which I replaced and that cured the problem. Hint - see which way the switches are mounted. If either switch is mounted upside down (threads facing up with main body below) there is a really good chance the contacts are gummed up or corroded from moisture draining into the switch. These switches can be taken apart and cleaned. Reassemble and test for make/break with shop air. I now carry a working spare. Note: In my situation I also added a couple of fittings to alter the mounting position in an effort to keep moisture from draining into the body of the switch. Good luck
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