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Question Microphor rear flush advice...

Wondering if someone could point me to a thread dealing w/the replacement of the rear flush/exit version of a Microphor and what it entailed . The replacement was to be a conventional bottom flush unit.

I seem to remember reading about it here on the forum a few years back, Randy mentioning something about a 2 ft sideways re-route in some application, and the amount of work that was involved, but haven't been able to locate the thread(s). I'd like to get away from the hassles of flapper replacements, air leaks, new air compressor, etc. for a "conventional" type unit in my in my '97 BMC coach. I still have the original unit and am tiring of the aggravation. I seem to recall that the conversion was "do-able".....

Also, any recommendations on a conventional replacement brand/model for my application would be appreciated. I've seen a few mentioned here - Thetford, Dometic, ?????
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