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Default TV Antenna Replacement

I have the old type in the round white deal that just sits on the roof sort of low down behind the front air conditioner (it doesn't go up and down). The new Birds have something that looks similar but it goes up about 3 feet on those 2 tubes. Although mine rotates fine, I don't get very good reception.

I was wondering when everything goes digital if it is time to replace mine with one of those cheap ones from Camping World, or try to get one of those new ones like on the new Birds (I have a 95 BMC). Or should I be looking at something else entirely.

Any suggestions would be nice. Since mine rotates, I obviously have power up there, but I haven't really gone up there and looked at it to see how it is attached (I really wish I had a ladder on the back of my bus) or what other type will fit if I take it off.

Thanks for any ideas.
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