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Default Getting the Antenna up

I don't think the antenna on this 13 year old BMC goes up and down. If so, I have no idea where the switch to do that is. It just sits in a little white round box squatting on the roof, and inside the bus I have a cable remote which has about a 4 foot cord which has a rocker switch which rotates the antenna. It is labeled a Mini-State 5MS750. When it gets to either end of the rotation, the rocker switch lights up and says "End of Rotation". It is a little bit of a pain going back and forth counting one thousand one, one thousand two...... so you can find the best spot from either end (I'm sure you can imagine that). As a result of not going up and down, I think it gets bad reception. I don't know if these were on the older Wanderlodges (before the ones now that look the same but go up about 3 feet on the tubes) or not, but if anyone has experience with them and does not get good receptipon, it might be helpful to know if you did something that helped. I have thought about going up there and trying to take it apart, but am waiting for February to see what the new digital signals are like before doing that.

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