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OK, dumb questions. I see all those pumps which circulate liquid through the zones and the valve handles for each zone (all handles open). I thought what was circulating was hot water heated by the Aquahot, not coolant) So it actually circulates coolant around those zones for the interior heating (I do not have chassis heating, I just have fans under the couch, coming out a hole under the closet in the bedroom, under the cabinet in the kitchen, etc.))? So when I turn on the themostat, the pump starts circulating coolant and the fan comes on blowing what will be hot air past those coils or whatever, or do the pumps circulate coolant all the time when the vqalve is open and only the fan comes on and off with the thermostats inside?

As you can see, I don't really understand how this heating system works (ignorance was bliss) but now am trying to figure out what is actually going on.

I have been running the AH on electric to get hot water (for showers, dishes, etc.). I assume that's fine for actual hot water but won't give me heat if coolant is what's doing that (since mine has leaked out). (I haven't been trying for inside heat with it so I have been assuming it is OK to use electric for hot water and won't hurt anything)?
I believe in one of these "aquahot" posts, someone posted a link to the manuals, there is about 25-30MB worth of manuals..... so here is a very "rough cliff notes" version to help out and going from memory, especially mine, is never a good thing!

From your pics, its appears you and I have the same unit... these things are remarkable units.... mini house setups if you come from a cold climate region, burners, zones, radiant heat process,circulators, the works....... You have a "tank" that holds a solution of antifreeze and water. It's heated by an electric 12Ov element or a 12v diesel fired burner... This "tank" is your "heat source / energy source, it stores your heat energy". This solution is pumped via the circulators to the various zones so the "heat energy" can be transferred to those little radiators in the coach to heat the coach air.....fluid gets cold after energy transfer in the radiators, and cold fluid returns to the tank to get reheated.. repeat process......etc.....( tiny little fans force air through your coach radiators to facilitate the heat transfer process in the coach, rather than convection like in a house system. (These tiny little fans drive Randy crazy in his kitchen! ) Now in that "tank" is a coil of copper tubing that hot water from the fresh water tank / outlet ' system runs through via standard coach water pressure.....the "heat energy" from the tank transfers to the fresh water you use in the coach via the copper coil, and as David pointed out some have replaced this coil with pex, Hence endless hot water as long as the burner or the electric element is continuing to heat the antifreeze solution / your heat energy source.

- Your problem description stated you lost "antifreeze" solution......hence my "assumption" (and you know what Oscar and Felix said about ***-u-me) is you have a "leak in either your "tank" (right side under the rivets) or one of the lines to the circulator feeds
If you are using water in the tank to troubleshoot, its hard to see clear stuff leaking out of a pex line fitting, a circulator gasket, etc ( at least at my age anyway).
PS from your pics it appears you also have the model that lets the engine coolant heat up your tank as well as reverse... meaning the AH heat energy can also be used to heat up your engine for cold weather starts, that is the feed and return lines under your burner, so in actuality, you can have your "heat enegy" tank heated from the burner, electric element, or your engine's coolant. That circulator pump is bottom left back below the other circulators in the left side of the AH. Make sure the "antifreeze" you are leaking is actually the AH's system and not a leak in your engine's systems lines in the left side....I presume from your problem description that the AH tank is loosing fluid, that indeed your AH is the culprit but I mention this for completeness for future reference!..... Good luck.....
PSS if you are loosing tank "fluid", then you have little or low "antifreeze/ heat transfer medium" to transfer heat to the fresh water coils / water so be careful as you don't want to burn up the 120v element......that tank needs to be full for both heat and fresh hot water or damage may or may not occur!!!!!
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