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Oops, I may be in trouble then. I have used the electric element a time or two and it has worked fine (usually gives me plenty of hot water) except yesterday I only had enough for one shower after running it for two hours. It's possible I have screwed up the element. How does one check that out or will I just have to wait until I fix the fluid leak and see if the electric gives me hot water. I guess we'll be taking showers in the bath house until this is resolved.
- the troubleshooting manual may have a procedure, can't remember but if the tank holds solution for a couple of hours, fill it, turn off "heat", turn on element for an hour and see if it heats the solution......

I know it is Aquahot coolant, not engine coolant as I replaced the engine coolant with the Lifetime Blue stuff and this leak is not blue.
- good deal, my s60 is pink so I can still tell colors!

And to make matters worse, I have found a diesel line dripping as well now. It is the one in the front of the diesel burner unit under it so I took the hose off and cut off a little of it (in case the end was bad) and put it back on but still dripping. I watched an Aquahot guy work on mine about a year ago when we were in FL and I vaguely remember these things often leak where the metal tubing goes into the burner unit. He commented that they did that differently in the newer units. Diesel leaks were supposed to have been taken care of when I had the Aquahot recall done by the Bluebird folks (Coachworks) in Ft Valley in the Spring.
- I found these fuel lines seem to get brittle and rot from the inside out, thats how I got started on this AH project...... I have a 95, had to replace all the lines

I have to admit, these may be great units but I am getting a little tired of mine.

- Yes, I feel your pain 1900 bucks for a new complete burner head 2 years ago and as David pointed out, if the tank is leaking and you can't get someone to fix it, then a R&R is about 5k with you doing the labor......remarkable, yes, cheap no, complex, yes....but after all bird and complex are the same definition, no??????? good luck!!!!!
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