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I found this old thread on FC power steering hoses, and since I just replaced the high pressure line today from the pump to the steering box I thought I would add my experience.

I had looked through the forum but hadn't found anything in particular about replacing this hose. It may already be here and I missed it.

The end connected to the pump is easily removable from underneath and behind the pump. Finding and getting to the end connected to the steering box is another story. After removing the batteries (needed done anyways) I saw that it would be next to impossible to get to that hose from underneath. Then I opened the driver's side swing panel in the front and found there is an inset "box" on the bottom right under all of the 12v electrics. I pulled off the insulation and there were a couple of rivets to drill out to get the "box" out. At this point the high pressure hose end is pretty much staring you in the face and easy to remove.
Got a new one made up at the hydraulic shop and installed. The failure was caused by the hose chafing on metal edges. If you have an FC you may want to check this hose for any areas where it could be contacting metal edges. I wired tied pieces of plastic conduit over the hose anywhere I found areas that could chafe.

Luckily my return hoses look like they have been replaced and appear to be in pretty good shape.
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