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Default 6 months later

After running the genny back in May from Mallies, it has sat quiet until the middle of June. Saw a stray cat under coach, thought I'd scare it off by starting the ole Yanmar. Nothing happened except she sounded like she was hitting on 1 and 1/2 cylinders. Pulled the racor for genny and it was black- more fuel problems. Pulled and refilled all 4 filters. Engine cranks and runs as designed- genny is another issue. I remember when Ed and the other guys were around that at RATS and found the back cannon plug broken. So I took the control box out, cleaned all the plugs and put it back together. The engine tray will move in and out, the relay for the preheat will click. I cleaned and put on my grinder with the wire wheel the ground strap. put it back together- nothing. So- I ordered new plugs and my savior, who knows things electrical, Ralph, will arrive on July 4th and hopefully get us going again. There will be some Omaha steaks on the grill for us to celebrate the sweet sound of this thing running- or else- its hot dogs from the discount store
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