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Originally Posted by waddawanderer View Post
Hi Richard,

We have an 86 FC with a Facet and the part#'s are very different. I found a company named Locate Ball Bearings, they were 40% more affordable than Napa and they provided what would appear to be near original bearings and they were not China made.

What I have found quite often is BB must have changed things up quite a bit after early 80's vintages. Belts and bearings most notably are considerably different for our 86.

However, even though the nomenclature is different the assembly procedures are consistent enough to figure things out.

Good luck with your rebuild, should last a lifetime.

Merry Christmas to all.
Did you get the A.I.T.A./NAPA discount card that was talked about on another thread awhile back? I got it and so far everytime I have used it I have got 50% off an all purchases. Stores just enter the card information into the computer and it prints out the invoice with the discounted price.
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