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The relay(s) need to be as close to the fixtures as possible. I mounted my headlight relays above each set of headlights where the wiring to each fixture originates, then ran 10 ga. 12 volt red wires to each pair of relays from the main breaker bar in the front access panel. Some use a single relay for both low beams and another for the high beams. I chose to use a relay for each fixture, so that if one fails, I will still have the other side.

In the back of the coach, I used the same setup, but sealed the relays with a large amount of silicone caulk after the wiring was all tested and confirmed. This keeps moisture from corroding the contacts inside the relays. After 9 years, there has only been one failure- and it was a relay up front that I had forgotten to seal with the silicone.

The style of headlight switch does not matter- but upon inspection, you may find that yours has become brittle from the heat on the contacts and needs to be replaced.
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