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You can go here and download your inspection report

You'll notice below the computer pulled back my GVWR as 31000lbs (I didn't supply that info)

It would be interesting to see if it looks like mine which is below (copy/pasted as best I can..I x'd out my vin/lic)

Vehicle Test Detail Click Here To Print
Station ID: 6P40739 Station Name: STICKER EXPRESS, LLC Overall Result: Pass
TAS Id: ES022595 Test Type: Safety Only TX DOT #:
Test Date: 08/30/2016 Safety Result: Pass Waiver Number:
Test Start Time: 11:47:31 Emission Result: Reg Free Code: 1YR
Test End Time: 11:49:32 Gap Cap Result: Test Record No.: 9425
VIN: XXX License Plate: XXX
Model Year: 1995 Make: M007 License Type: Texas Plate
Vehicle Type: Motor Home Body Style: Model: MOTORHORN
Engine Size: Trans. Type: No. Cylinders:
GVWR Type: Heavy Act. GVWR: 31000 Odometer: 0
Fuel Type: DIESEL Ignition Type:
Dual Exhaust:
Inject Carburetion: Decal No.:
Sticker No.: Inspection Expiration Date:
Gas Cap Result 1: Gas Cap 1 Testable: Gas Cap 1 Missing:
Gas Cap Result 2: Gas Cap 2 Testable: Gas Cap 2 Missing:
Safety Test Information
Safety Test: Initial Type: 1 Yr. Windshield (Safety Only)
Horn: Pass Exhaust: Pass School Buses:
Windshield Wipers: Pass Emissions System: Pass School Bus Signs:
Mirrors: Pass Beam Indicator: Pass Fire Extinguisher:
Steering System: Pass Tail Lamp: Pass Hazard Warning Lights:
Seat Belts: Pass Stop Lamp: Pass Convex Crossover Mirror:
Service Brake System: Pass License Plate Lamp: Pass Mud Flaps/Safety Guards:
Parking Brake System: Pass Rear Reflector: Pass Window Tint/Sun Screen: Pass
Tires: Pass Turn Signals: Pass Back-up Lamps:
Steering Axle Tires: Turn Sig/Ind Lamp: Pass Coupling Devices:
All Other Tires: Headlamps: Pass Fuel System:
Wheel Assembly: Pass Clearance Lamps: Suspension:
Master Cylinder: Pass Side Marker Lamps: Frame:
Cab Lamps: Windshield:
Side Reflectors: Reflective Tape:
Repair Information
Repair Group:
Repairs Performed:
Repair Cost YIS: $0.00 Rep.ID:
Repair Cost NRF: $0.00 Safety VI30A:
Repair Cost RRF: $0.00
Total Parts Cost MSP: $0.00
Overall Repair Costs: $0.00
Total Emission Costs: $0.00
Total Safety Costs: $7.00
Overall Costs: $7.00
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Cedar Park, Texas
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