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Originally Posted by gcyeaw View Post
Got all of my New Jersey stuff out of the way.

Licence- no special licence or endorsements for RV's
Inspection-None for RV's
Same for my 1995 Jeep, not even an emissions test for 95 and older gas vehicles.

So if you see a NJ RV, the driver is likely ignorant of air brake usage and no official safety inspection has been done!!!

But I took the time to learn about air brakes and I do keep up on maintenance and inspect things regularly. So if you see me on the road all is good.
It's the same in Indiana Gardner. My father-in-law, who is 88 and shuffles his feet, like Tim Conway, and acts about the same, is legal to drive my coach, because he has a valid D.L. Not sure why he has a valid license, but the BMV said he is good to drive

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