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I have done some trial and error testing of the fan system I installed in the engine bay. The thermostat is set at about 155 degrees F. Fan-1 comes on under heavy heat loads like pulling a long grade on a hot day. ( Actually the dash temperature gauge rises a bit under these condition as well ). Fan-2 is set to come on at 170 degree F. It has not been on so far. Fan-1 goes off at 145 degree F. I have found that the fan-1 comes on after engine shut down and will run for awhile until thermostat drops below 145 degree F. I was surprised to find that the temperature in the engine bay really climbs after shutdown! That heat needs to be removed to protect the electronics behind the rear closet wall etc.

Since I have a timer on the battery source 12 v dc, I plan to determine how much cooling time is needed to get engine bay temperature down to about 110 degrees after engine shut down.

I do not believe two fans are needed. One will do. Mine are set up as a push /pull system.
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