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Originally Posted by isp2952 View Post
Randy, Sounds like you and Deborah are having too much fun. I think you need to chill out for a while. How about you coming to my place. You can plow snow in the winter, mow grass in the summer, etc. Deborah can go to work for my wife and we will fill in for you, out on the road! Now is that a deal or what?!! Glad you guys are having a great time and enjoying life. That's what it is all about. Enjoyed having you as a neighbor in Casper. Hope to be neighbors again, somewhere else along our travels.
That actually might be a great deal for someone who is full time but wants a break from the road and a little extra space to spread out. Maybe for someone who needs to put their bird in the shop for large time consuming upgrades or needs to put themselves in the shop for upgrades. (Like a knee replacement) It certainly conjures up some ideas about starting a "house sitting list" Kind of like work camping but you get to stay in the house.
Just gets the wheels turning. Feel free to chime in .....
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