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Good to hear the shoulder is on the mend, bur DON'T PUSH IT! I had rotator cuff surgery, similar to yours but not as severe, from what you say, and the doctor kept telling me, you're not as young as you used to be, take your time, if you put too much strain on the shoulder it could tear again, then it would be that much more time to get you back to full working order. Anyway, it was a year ago February, & I'm still not 100%. Although I have full AROM now, I still can't lift things over my head if they're more than 10 pounds or so, and any screwdriver or wrench work has to be limited to a few minutes at a time. So I do as I'm told & don't over do it. The pain from the operation wasn't that bad, but NO WAY am I going to subject myself to another 6 months of Physical Torture, sorry, Therapy!
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