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My coach is a '99 Lx 40, interior model G

I am in the midst of my installation of a new backup camera system to replace the old b/w sony. I chose the BOYO VTC307M on a recommendation from Crutchfield, where I bought it.

The big issue in installing it was the running of the camera cable to the rear of the coach. I had already found the wiring running down the A pillar to the immediate left of the windsheild. I had previously run antenna cables to the ham radios. I took the antenna cables out for relocation as part of this project.

The problem for me was getting the camera cable to the rear of the coach.

The first revelation was that there is a wiring chase where the side wall meets the roof of the coach. Underneath the window valence there are a few screws nearly hidden near the front edge of the valence. Removing the screws allows you to pull the valence out away from the wall then down to release it. That allows access to the wiring at the windows.

In the cabinets, where the back wall meets the ceiling, there is a bowed panel. Getting a hook around the back of the bowed panel at one end allows the panel to be removed. That gives access to the wiring at the cabinets. That works in the closets too.

I tried to run down the street side where the shower, vanity and refrigerator are on my coach. That was a big mistake. It is impossible, it seems, to get past the refrigerator, vanity and shower. I could run a fishing stick through from both ends, but in both cases it would not come out the other end.

The trick was to run the cable on the curb side, where I only had to get past the microwave and again past the bedroom TV.

If I had known these tricks, I would have saved three days of labor.
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