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In actuality, I have been here on a number of occasions, but have just lurked rather than posting. There were a number of posts that DID help. One in particular DID mention in passing about going down the right side that I caught and sent me in the right direction. So I must thank everyone for posting. It really IS helpful. So I will plan to post more often.

In reply to Kip, regarding reusing the existing cable, I have spliced that cable before where the rodents got to it, and with this current failure that I am fixing, I was not able to reliably determine whether the problem was the cable or the monitor. That is why I decided to replace both. Besides, I wanted a color monitor anyway and this was the perfect excuse to do it while I'm doing other wiring already.

My current project is to move the ham radios, and computer into the space previously occupied by the CRT TV that was vacated when I installed a 39" flat screen TV. I am running all my audio sources to an audio mixer which will feed the power amp so that I can play any sources through the ceiling speakers simultaneously and balance the levels with the mixer.

So, thanks again, and I'll post some of my projects in the future.
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