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I am in the change the fluid camp. Here is my thoughts... You can keep running the old fluid and it will continue to work. I think that it is just delaying a potential problem. If you change the fluid and a problem shows up, it does not mean the new fluid caused the problem, it just means the problem was already there and the new fluid uncovered the problem. So its really a decision on whether you want to deal with potential problems now, or wait to see if they show up later. And in my mind the problems are only going to get worse by delaying them. A lot of people think that I am crazy for putting transynd in my transmission, but I have already noticed cooler transmission temps and better performance out of the transmission. Yes the fluid is expensive, but not as expensive as rebuilding the transmission. Just some of my thoughts, everyone has their own way and none of them are right or wrong, just have to decide what is the best way for you and your use.

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