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Originally Posted by nbedinger View Post
I have the same vague notion about fluid changes, for instance changing rear end oil--seems like there's a right way (involving raising one rear side, then the other side, to make sure fresh lube flows well into axle tubes) and a wrong way (just drain and refill to the plug level). Consequences of not getting it completely right are bad.

Trans fluid change--I've heard so many things about automatic fluid change, like how important it is to back flush to flow all wear sediment out, flush torque converter, ... NH Bill's 3-stage process sounds like a way to get all the old fluid replaced by diluting it with fresh fluid. Drain it three times??

Probably all of it is true! Wish it was all pulled together in one place so I could know exactly what is a complete job of fluid change, to do or have done.
I had my transmission fluid changed and the transmission checked out when I first bought my coach. I took it to ZF they drained changed the filter and refilled nothing special.
The person who changed the fluid, said never change the fluid in a automatic car, but the tranny is the bus is different.
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