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Originally Posted by pattic777 View Post
I know that there are a few Texans on the WOG... and I'm wondering whether my inspection experiences this year are unique or common.

When we returned to Texas in January, I knew we had to have it inspected within a few days of returning to the state (I renewed the registration with it being out of state), so we stopped at an inspection station I had found in Houston (I looked on Google Maps and it appeared to have a large enough lot that I could pull in). I went into the shop and asked if I needed to disconnect the Jeep - no, I didn't, but they needed the mileage in addition to the registration and insurance. The inspector guy walked with me back to Miss Doozie, stood at the door while I got the mileage, then walked back to the shop, and in a few minutes, said that my inspection was ready. Uhm, okay... this was during the time that Dwayne was sick, and so I was thankful that it was easy.

Since I'm now *in* Texas, I need to get the inspection done prior to renewing the registration, so I took it today to a shop near where I'm staying in Dallas. In a similar way, I gave the guy my registration, insurance, and mileage. He probably did not get within 20' of the bus. In just a few minutes, he came back to the bus with the papers, and said that it was $7 for the inspection and it had passed.

So, fellow Texans, is this normal? Previously, we have had the bus inspected as part of being serviced at National Indoor RV, so I haven't been with the bus when it was being inspected... but I certainly thought that they would check the lights, or look at the tread on the tires, or *something*! I did have some folks here at the RV park help me check out the lights last week; they had to clean the contacts on one of the brake lights, but the lights were all working on Thursday. And the tread on the tires is great - maybe that could be seen from 20' away? And, I guess they saw the running lights on when I drove up? I'm not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it just seems odd to me!

I have taken my BMC to a truck repair shop and they would actually drive it, besides inspecting the lights, etc. But last time I took it to a small RV shop and had the same experience as you. They just checked the mileage and didn't inspect anything. So I guess it depends on who you take it to.

Patti, it's good you "see" you on the WOG. I follow your blog and it reminds me almost daily that there is still a lot of good going on in the world.
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