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Originally Posted by rzamot View Post
This weekend I drove the bus to its indoor Winter nest, Malden Bridge NY. Where it will nest until April 2020. Along the way I was able to take a few photos of the dash area. To my unexperienced eye nothing jumped out as needing attention. (some photos of the dash attached). The bus has been winterized since Fall 2018. I used the bus a few times this year for short day trips and didn’t need to un-winterized it. I plan on taking the bus out of its Winter nest at least once a month to exercise the engine and batteries. Is there anything else I need to do to the bus during the Winter months? A co-worker at work this morning said if I have a diesel engine, I need to add a Winter additive to the fuel tank. I told him I heard about it but never did it and the bus started with no issues this past Spring. Is this something I need to do?
Before I store mine for the winter I do add a additive to the fuel system.
The last thing you want is to have a fuel problems in the cold weather.
It is low cost insurance. I also fill the fuel tank before storage.
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