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I'm in the Syracuse area, so I winterize every year. I use my coach during the summer and run water through it for drinking, cleaning and showers. So if you have been using water (from shore or your tank) you have to re-winterize. Don't forget your ice maker, outdoor faucet and washer needs to be flushed. As for exercise your coach during the winter, I'd recommend not do so, we have a lot of salt on the road and this is a steel coach and lots of items on the underside that can rust from the salt. I always wait for the temperatures to stay above 50 degrees and a couple of heavy spring rains to clear the roads of any salt.

If you have battery bank switches to disconnect the batteries ( both the engine and coach batteries) use them. Or if the storage place allows you to plug in to a 110v - 15 amp outlet, keep the batteries charged through your inverter/charger. Tell them it is for a trickle charger to float the batteries, very minimal current will be used.Rremember to use your Dash switch to combine your engine and coach batteries so that they stay charged together.
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