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Default FC Power Steering Hoses

A few years ago the high pressure hose split, and replacement was not too difficult.
But while working behind the radiator, I decided to replace the Supply and Return hoses, There was a weep leak under the reservoir, and with old hoses, as the clamp is tightened to stop the leak the more it weeps.
It was easy to remove the supply hose , run the the hydraulic shop and purchase new hose, clamps and sleeving. It was a bear to remove the return hose, then disappointment sets in when it was a different diameter than the supply hose, So a return trip to the hose shop.
On the FC the reservoir set on top on the 3208 valve cover, a leak is really messy situation, this also makes for a difficult replacement as the hose runs forward across the engine making a 90* turn down and through the frame rail, after a few more turns, it is routed up behind the battery box to the steering gear. After the batteries were removed and several skinned knuckles success was achieved . Another one hour Job turned into two days and 4 or 5 hours of acrobatics.
Lesson Learned: hoses are different sizes, 3/4" and 5/8".
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