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Default "Must have" tools

From what I've read and heard, at least some BB's came with tool kits. The PO of my Bird indicated this one came with a set of Snap-On tools in a Snap-On box. There is a slide installed, but I didn't get any of those tools or the box with the purchase.

Most of my tools are good quality, and I have duplicates of many. I don't want to rob the shop to stock the Bird, so I'm willing to spend a few bucks for what I need that I don't already have. In trying to put together a box I came up with a few questions.

Is there anything metric on a bird? Allen head? Torx?

What range of wrench sizes do I need? Long handle? Stubby?

Is there any need for 1/4" drive sockets? I assume 3/8" and 1/2" are a must.

What specialty tools might be needed?

If I Tee off the Microphor toilet compressor, would that provide enough pressure to run air tools, or should I install an accessory compressor?

After scouring the archives I decided these questions hadn't been addressed. If I'm wrong and missed the thread, please just point me in the right direction.
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