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I like a 1/4 inch drive set for hose clamps. Also with a Phillips head socket I can get the covers off the florescent lights in the FC. Otherwise you need a real short screwdriver and it's hard to maneuver in the close quarters. I went to Sears and got various length extensions for 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 drive sockets as well.

A good set of tubing wrenches is helpful. The plumbing, air, fuel, and brake connections are often brass and usually very tight. Tubing wrenches help to prevent rounding them off. A couple of pieces of pipe that will fit over the ends of the wrenches are useful to add some extra torque to loosen an old, tight connection are nice to have.

Don't forget that a nice assortment of nuts and bolts, clamps, screws, fuses, bulbs, wire, etc. is invalueable. I have some 4 foot heavy duty zip ties for that unexpected need to hold something big in place, like a jack with a broken spring. I guess rope would work also.

I do cheat, however. Most of my tools are in the Jeep toad so I don't need to have duplicates for the house and bus.
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