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I like crow wrenches. They come in big sizes for the hydraulic fittings. This way you can use a torque wrench on the fittings. Metric is required for the Wabasto, Aquahot, and maybe for few other places, nothing large, but if I leave them at home, I'll need 'em. (Include some small metric allen wrenches). Definitely carry the smallest cordless screwdriver you can find, and buy a multipurpose set of torx, drill bits, straight and phillips tips. Last but not least, the Fein Multimaster saw was made for Wanderlodge owners, but I typically don't carry it with me. I'm with Randy, I dislike doing bus work while on the road. I try to get everything done at home and only carry a minimum of tools while traveling. Tools are heavy plus they wear on the marriage!

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