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I have a lone Snap-On 4-drawer top chest that I'm hoping will fit in the space and on the slide. The width is right and the depth is too, I think, but if it is too tall I may have to remove the top like Randy suggested in an older thread. When the bus returns from the AC shop I'll find out.

As far as saving the maintenance for home base, that is well and fine if home is where you spend most of your time. Once I hit the road I hope not to see home base very often. Carrying tools to cover most maintenance seems a wise thing to do. Besides, if I want you guys to help me solve my problems I'd better carry my on to the rallies.

Metric Allen wrenches, flare nut wrenches, a cordless drill and bits, phillips head sockets, a selection of hardware including zip ties are all added to the list. Never heard of it before, but the Fein saw is on the list now too.

There was a thread I remember dealing with the addition of auxiliary compressor, which I'll search for. The Microphor may come out and I may switch to Randy's solution of a plain vanilla RV toilet, leaving some space for a good compressor.

Y'all keep it up. I'm writing all this stuff down.
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