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I feel Vintage Rays pain. Prison Bus was identical drive/brake/rear gear deal. Bought a IH straight truck w/ fresh DT and 6 sp Spicer. Would run right up to 75mph, had air brakes and mechanically was sweet other than the #### Dayton wheels. Plan was to set the bus on top of the IH frame, rails had same centerline. Couldn't change to Budds w/o changing axles so IH got sold and PB got big gas engine and down the road.
Rays plan should be OK IF he does the metal work profesionally. Many home builts fall out of bed that way. Discription of his truck suggests a discriminating fellow, major job and serious dedication required. Michelins are rated to 75mph by the way, I used to ponder that as I cruised the toter home @ 80 accross MT in the past.
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