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I agree with Bill, but I saw the picture of the tag you posted where it said 1982, so I would guess it is an '82 FC 35. Is the bath in the back or on the side about opposite the entry door?

You touched a cable to the positive post on the battery and your starter tried to turn over.

On my '83 there are 4 6 volt batteries in the battery tray where you have one (12 volt I assume) in one of your pictures. They are wired, 2 in series, then the banks of 2 in parallel, so they supply 12 volts. They are both the house batteries and the starting batteries. Although this is unconventional for RVs it works well. There is also another battery just for the generator, but that is back on the generator's slide out.

On mine there is a positive contact point mounted on the upper right above the battery tray. There is 1 positive cable going from the batteries to this contact and a lot of large positive cables connecting to the battery on this contact point. There is an on/off rotating switch there for shutting off the batteries when the bus is not in use.

There is a negative contact point on the left above the battery tray that is similar, one cable to the batteries and many ground cables connecting there.

I have a vague idea of the starting circuit. I will describe what I know and hopefully someone with more detailed knowledge will chime in.

The Key switch is up on the dash, mine is in the part where the shifter lever lives. When you turn the key to start there is a relay in the front voltage center, behind the driver headlight, that I believe a previous owner added, that turns on another big heavy duty relay that powers the starter. On my bus I think this second, heavy duty relay is mounted on the frame just forward of the starter. There is a big wire going from the + post near the battery to this big relay near the starter and another big wire going from the relay to the starter. There is a braided ground strap going from the starter to the frame that can cause all sorts of issues if it isn't cleaned at the contacts and tight.

Again, I hope someone with more experience will chime in.

Best of luck, and welcome!
Craig Lyndes
'83 FC 35' SB "Bella"
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