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Default Full Timing Thru Alberta Winter

Hello people. I haven't posted here for at least a year or so, maybe longer. I've always thought this is one of the very best RV owner forums around. Great people and really valuable information and insight. I was always posting about wanting a Wanderlodge with dual pane windows and enclosed heated tanks because I knew I was really going to need those features. You folks were very helpful but unfortunately I could never find a Wanderlodge that had those features and fit my budget. I ended up buying a 1997 Monaco Signature Series last February and started living in it full time last May. I now live about 20 or so miles west of the city of Calgary Alberta on a treed 112 acre parcel of semi-wilderness land. I have 50 amp power hookup but no water or sewer hookup. It is a real adventure for sure but that is what I wanted. It is about -35 C (-31F) here right now. I have been posting a blog on the experience of moving out here since last summer. I thought you folks might be interested. Here is a link to it.
It starts off a little wordy but I start posting lots of pictures after the first couple of posts.
Thanks again for all your previous friendly help to my questions. I still would like a Wanderlodge but it just wasn't meant to be at the time.---Ken M. P.S i see I should figure out how to change my old signature line.
Ken Morter
Researching for future purchase
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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