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Question Do PT40s have any known overheating problems?

As some of you know, I am looking for an older PT40 to restore. Buy it cheap, and spend money later!

Do the early model PT40s ('80s models) have any built-in overheating problems? To clarify, I know if the system has been modified, problems can show up. What I want to know is, if the cooling system is still factory stock, and properly maintained, will the coach over heat on long grades out west?

For example, my model MCI's cooling system is just adequate if everything is right up to snuff. Any modifications or lack of maintenance usually won't cause problems here on the East Coast, but out West it will overheat. Later model MCIs solved that problem.

So, how are the PT40s? Is the cooling system OK as is? Or am I going to be looking at modifications (misters, bigger fan, etc.)? Will '82s overheat but '84s OK? All of the PTs overheat? None had any problems? They overheat but it's a simple problem to solve?


1995 WB40 8V92

1985 PT36 SOLD
1982 PT40 SOLD
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