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Big issue with rear engine busses is pulling oily vapors from the engine through the radiator -- then dust sticks to the oily residue. The concrete-like material builds up and blocks the radiator. On my coach (with the S-60) you couldn't see from the outside because the charge air cooler was in front of the radiator and from the inside, the metal shroud around the fan and some other accessories made it very hard to inspect the radiator. The area swept by the fan appeared clear.

When I pulled out the radiator, it was found that all the area outside the fan area was completely blocked with the oily dirt. About 1/3 of the radiator area wasn't providing any cooling. After the core was replaced (with a more modern "staggered tube" design), the water temperature stayed at 180 and only went up to 190 on some of the heaviest and longest grades.

I made it a practice to steam clean the radiator each spring and pressure wash it a couple other times through the year. That kept the 'stuff' from building up and blocking the air flow.

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