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Originally Posted by Kb1jkn View Post
Just replaced that valve on my grandparents 94WB, I followed the line along and it is the PPV for the retarder cylinder on the HT755.
It looks like yours is upside down from how they want those plumbed, you may want to flip it so the bump of the PPV faces down.

I also wanted to add while the leaking valve was out I put a gauge on it and put shop air into it, there was no regulation happening at all- full shop pressure on the outlet. I think I will be replacing all of the valves I can get to on both of our birds, who knows how many components are running at too high of pressure.....

Does anyone have an air plumbing schematic for a 94ish WB? I have one for my SP, but didn't know if anyone has one for the WB. I looked in the downloads directory and came up short.
The schematics are online here

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